About Us

I am Bob Spears, and I started the Tulsa Country Western Dance Association (TCWDA) with my wife in the early 90s as a way to further our own dance knowledge and skills. It was only a few years earlier that we began taking lessons and discovered how refreshing dancing was to mind, body and soul.

We teach group and private lessons. Our instruction is friendly, patient and professional. In our group lessons, we meet weekly on Tuesday nights, and teach the same kind of dance for the entire month, whether it is Two Step, Triple Two Step (Shuffle) or Country Waltz. Each week the night's lesson is broken into three parts: Beginner; Basic Intermediate, plus Line Dance; and Intermediate/Advanced.

The group night's lesson is progressive, meaning you can start with Beginner and finish with Intermediate/Advanced, or come and go at any point in between, as you please. Every Monday we always start with the Beginners session, so even if you can only join us for one or two times during the month, you'll still get the beginning dance basics to start the evening's lesson.