Dance Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

Dancing is a great way to get in shape or stay in shape. As with any type of physical activity, don't continue if you are experiencing any discomfort of any type until you have had the problem assessed by a medical professional. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our classes.

1. What should I wear?

We always recommend wearing comfortable clothing so that you are not restricted in your movement, and of course it needs to be appropriate attire being in public. Be aware that you will be constantly moving, so heavy and hot clothing is discouraged. Light layers are always a good option for easily adding and removing one to your own comfort. Also avoid wearing loose jewelry that could become entangled, snagged or lost. Please, go light on cologne and perfumes out of respect for your classmates and dance partners.

2. Are cowboy boots required?

While cowboy boots are the tradition, they certainly aren't required. However, we do encourage you to wear leather-soled footwear. For women, choose something with a bit of a heel to help put your weight on the ball of your feet, but avoid high heels. Definitely don't wear flip-flops, and don't wear open-toe shoes. You're going to be stepping forward and backward, so also avoid slip-on and backless shoes.

For men, a good pair of leather-soled footwear with a heel is recommended. Avoid tennis shoes and other rubber soles shoes, and stay away from flip-flops and sandals.

Our group lessons are conducted on a quality wooden dance floor suitable for your finest leathers, so feel free to carry them in and change upon arrival.

You are not allowed to go barefoot in our dance classes.

3. What does it cost?

Our group lessons are $10 per person for the three-hour lesson night. We divide the group lesson into three parts: beginner, intermediate and advance. We also include one new line-dance lesson each week.

Our private lessons are based on hourly rates. If you have acquaintances that want to take private lessons with you, we prefer not to teach more than two couples at a time in a private session.

4. Do I have to have any dance experience to take lessons, and do I need a partner for the group class?

No experience is necessary, just the desire to learn. And no partner is no problem. We have many individuals who show up without partners, including some qualified instructors who are willing to partner with newcomers. Although we don't always have even numbers, we always do our best to assure that everyone has a full and beneficial learning experience for the night.

5. How big is a group class?

Since enrollment takes place at the time of each group class, we vary from week to week in the number of students, but as a general rule we range from 15-25 “couples.” But we have a great big quality wooden dance floor, so we always have room for you. As a general rule, summers are usually lighter in enrollment. But whether we have a big or small group, and it's hot or cold outside, we always have the same temperature controlled environment and a dedicated group of instructors ready and willing to patiently teach and provide a quality learning experience.

6. How long is a private lesson, and do I need a partner?

We teach private lessons in one-hour increments. We offer private instructions for individuals and couples, so a partner is not required. For multiple couples wanting to learn together, we prefer not to take more than two couples at a time in order to maximize the learning experience for all. Private lessons are priced according to participation numbers.

7. If we come as a couple, do we have to rotate partners?

Sometimes we do rotate partners or often include a short “waterfall” session in the beginners' class as a way to build on your lead and follow strengths. For couples who do not wish to rotate partners, you have the option to stay together or not participate in the waterfall. Our classes are all about learning to dance and have fun doing it. It is never our intention to pressure your participation or otherwise make you uncomfortable in dance class.

8. What are the ages of those taking group lessons?

You'll be among all ages. We have regular students in their teens and range from there all the way up to some in their 80s. That's the beauty of dancing... there aren't any real age boundaries as long as you're physically capable and have the desire to dance.

9. Should I start with private lessons or group dance classes?

We encourage everyone to start with group lessons because we think it allows you to truly assess your own level of performance. Our beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are all held in progression in that order on each Tuesday night, giving you the opportunity to see firsthand the respective skills and levels of difficulty for each. Also, group lessons remain the same type of dancing for the month, and that also helps in your personal assessment. However, we do take brand new dancers in our private lessons, should that be your preference.

10. Can I miss a group class or two during the month without being lost the next time; can I start on any Tuesday during the month?

Our group classes are held every Tuesday night. Each month features the same kind of dance for the entire month, whether it's Two Step month, Triple Two Step (Shuffle) month or Waltz month. Our beginners' class is the first hour and we always provide a beginners' review at the start of each Tuesday night class just for that reason... you can join at any time, and you can stop/start your attendance during the month as your personal schedule dictates. Repetition is a wonderful thing and helps the learning process. The more frequently you attend, the quicker you learn. A new line dance is taught each Tuesday between the beginners and intermediate sessions. The intermediate session is approximately 45 minutes, and most beginners can benefit by staying for it. The advance class is also about 45 minutes and it is progressively more difficult than the first two hours. Our recommendation is to arrive for the first session and stay the entire night, even if only observing for the more difficult later session. Pre-enrollment is not required and you pay upon arrival, so you have the flexibility to come when you like.

11. What kind of country-western dancing can I learn?

Our group lessons focus on the traditional but up-to-date country dance versions of Two Step, Triple Two Step (Shuffle) and Waltz. On a regular basis throughout the year in our group lessons, we also include Cha-Cha, West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing, in lieu of the line dance lesson each week. Any of these dances are also available for instruction in our private lessons, per your choice.

12. How often should I attend?

Join us as often as you can. Weekly attendance will ensure the best results in the shortest amount of time. We have a come-and-go policy for our group lessons, and your night's fee covers the entire three hours of classes for the night. Even if you don't feel comfortable in participating in the advanced lessons, your staying and watching, or shadowing off to the side of the dance floor, will prove beneficial to your progress.

13. Can my kids or friends come and watch?

Our group lessons are in an environment that does not have appropriate supervision for children other than yourself and we want your full attention on the dance floor. We are a family-friendly association and we would welcome their enrollment in the class if you think they are interested and capable of learning from the instruction (it is difficult to match younger students with like-aged partners, so you might be the best partners for them). Bring your friends and enroll them for the night's class to have them join in the lesson. We're a pretty cheap date, huh? Our private lessons don't have the room for spectators.

14. Will I really learn to dance?

Absolutely, provided you take more than just a lesson or two. You will know the basics after just a single lesson, but we hope you'll give us your attention for at least a full month of a particular dance type to be able to enjoy making a complete circle around the dance floor. The learning never stops and we hope you'll become one of our many regulars who have been part of our classes for years.

15. Where can I go to country-western dance in the Tulsa area?

We're fortunate to have several good dance floors in the area. TCWDA teaches line dance lessons every Friday night at the Caravan Cattle Co. at 8:05 p.m.

16. What is the inclement weather policy?

This is Oklahoma, so we do get some inclement weather and do cancel classes when necessary. If you're a current student and have provided your email address, we'll notify you by email as much in advance as possible. We'll also post any cancellations on our website, so check it frequently during times of bad weather in the area.